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The BMW 7 Series, the commercial vehicle industry, service platform muscles. The unique quality of luxury, comfort and safety is very impressive. The excellent quality of the interior make your trip better. If you are traveling in one of the fastest growing category of luxury limousines traveling is very relaxing fun. luxury bmw 7 series car for rent in bangalore.

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Safety is our priority. We offer the best vehicle safety. In terms of passenger safety, such as ABS 4-wheel, front and rear airbags, airbags two sides anchors the front child seat, EBA (emergency brake) airbag before detection tensioners passenger safety belt occupants, stability control, traction control, ABS, EBD, electrical transmission system Collision safety nozzles for defense systems jerk passengers used (ECP preparation emergency), the pressure monitoring system, drybreaks, emergency services * airbag view, night vision devices, pedestrian detection, parking assistance, reversing camera, ACC Stop & Go Active + auxiliary drive side and top view cameras and much more.

something is missing? Do you think of comfort and standards? Do not worry! A supply line 10 commands and the passenger position lumbar support, the seats are selected from high-quality leather, scarf seats, foldable temples and storage, the rear ventilation pipes, cruise control, front and rear cupholder, the strength of the component, the rear seat before storage, into the Activated carbon filter, the dual-zone solar sensor set temperature, an electric sunroof.

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